Reading - a man's best friend.

      As a student or even if you are not a student, reading is a habit that you must inculcate in yourself, always read as much as you can this will help you in increasing your know-how and knowledge and you never know where something you read earlier might be of use to you.

    A habit of reading helps you in a lot of ways, it helps increase your knowledge, it helps keep your mind busy, and as you all know an idle mind is a devil's workshop, so reading also helps keep bad thoughts away from you in short reading makes you a better person, makes you a well-mannered person with better knowledge.

   It is not necessary to read big motivational books or business magazines with massive jargons although that is recommended as that is what will increase your knowledge but you can start with something that interests you and then move on to the serious stuff as you slowly get the hang of it,
remember Reading is never wasted anything you read will always help you, for instance reading a simple thing like a story that interests you will also help you. It will help you get a better command over the language, and of course, Reading more serious stuff will provide you a better knowledge.

   Always remember, your brain will grow up to be what you feed to it, so always feed it good things by reading consistently, also reading can sometimes be that one step that might make the difference between you and your competitors, either in your interview your exam or in the field of your business, as sometimes just because you read something in the past you know that one thing more than others and that might make you better.

And as they say, The book is the only dream you can hold in your hands
so just go ahead and have a hold of all your dreams.

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