Ups and Downs are a part of the life.

     The most beautiful journey you can ever be on is your life, this journey of human life can very well be compared to traveling the mountains. Just like the mountains life too has steep slopes, hard to counter turns, unimaginable bends, but, the question that arises here is, just because a mountain has all of these do you ever abandon your travel half way? no, you never do that. Then why do you do the same thing with your goals in your life?

   Life just cannot be going in a straight line, life cannot be simple all the time, and as the words of Rocky Balboa go, LIFE AIN"T ALL RAINBOW AND SUNSHINE. Yes, you read it right life cannot be easy all the time and that is the fact of life, and that is because we humans never value anything that is very easy we'll do the same thing with our goals if everything starts taking the easy way in our life.

  All you need to know is life is never going to be always easy, it has to be you who will have to keep trying and never give up, Forward should be the only way for you. No matter how hard or how bad the day has been, the next day, Get up, Dress up, and always Show up. Remember it was just a bad day that does not mean you have a bad life. Hard times are a part of life that does not mean you should give up. Remember The harder you are hit by life, The harder you should try to bounce back.

  So always keep your focus straight and when life tries to push you back, push it harder.

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