Look, Observe and Learn

      There cannot be a better school in the world than the world itself. This world has a lot to teach you on a daily basis, There is a lot you can learn from your surroundings, every day we come across a lot of things in our life, there are certain things that fail to grab the attention of our mind. But, what you need to know is that there is a lot that you can learn from these day to day things.

   Always be a keen observer, Don't just look at things analyze them, You never know what you might get to learn from those. This includes everything right from the non-living things to the people around you, analyze what they talk about, their actions observe the things very acutely. You never know you might get to learn something from the thing someone is talking about.

   Try to observe the non-living things around you, while doing so try to look for the art or craft that has gone into making those. After observing try to research and learn about those if it interests you, Who knows it might be something that might completely change your future, for instance, if a painting interests you and you try to learn the art, you never know that might be the key to your success in future.

  This trait of observing things around you will not only help you learn more but also be a better person and also a happy one, as you will start observing the place you are in the people you are around you will start behaving accordingly and this will improve your image, also once you start observing people around you keenly you will start noticing if their actions match their words and you will get to know the who is true and who is not, this will help you in being away from all the unwanted toxicity.

Always Remember The world has a lot to teach, Just a keen eye and a desire to learn is needed.

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