Curiosity is the gateway to knowledge.

         Questions, These are one of the most beautiful things the human mind can have. The thing that makes humans stand apart from other organisms is their ability to question the things around them. There have been times in human history that many groundbreaking discoveries have been made due to this ability of questioning.

     It is this ability to question that can sometimes lead to a new sphear of learning or could lead to a better knowledge of something already known, hence it is very important to be curious especially for students, yes, students always need to keep on asking questions. In fact, asking questions should be a habit of all the students is what I say.

    If there is a topic going on in the class asking questions to the teacher would lead to a better explanation of the topic by the teacher and the student would understand the topic better. Other than that as a student, you should always question the day to day things around you. Yes, always question your surroundings and you never know what you may learn by doing that.

    Never be afraid of being called foolish, if you question a lot, other people may call you that. But always remember a great innovator and entrepreneur Steve Jobs once said "STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH"