This is me :]

Hey there.
This is Ashish Nanda. I was thinking about what should be the first thing I write about, then just a thought crossed my mind that said why don't I write something about myself for the first blog post so here I am.

       I am a student that just loves writing. I have always wanted to make my thoughts and experiences reach people, even though I am young  I have faced and seen a lot of ups and downs, a lot of bad phases and have come out of it. So here at this blog, I will talk about self-help, motivation, and about keeping the right mindset to tackle the problems that come your way. All the things that took place in my life and me getting through those got me thinking that I should try to share my experiences and talk about the things I learned.

    Looking forward to this journey hoping to connect with you and maybe help
you along the course.