5 Study habits that help you cope up with exams

Every person has come across the word exam as a student at least once, But there might be certain exams that might decide the future of a student. Such exams need to be tackled with a different approach here is what I call an S.M.A.R.T approach.
The following are the 5 study habits which come together as the S.M.A.R.T approach that might help the student in performing well in these kinds of exams:-
 The most common problem that students face while preparing for an important exam is a shortage of time, to overcome this problem students need to start the preparations way before the exam comes closer. And also during the exams, the student should make a habit to start studying early in the morning as it is proven that you can remember the most of what you study in the morning hence more can be covered throughout the day.
This is a habit that every student should inculcate, everyone who is preparing for some sort of exam should also write whatever he reads or studies. This helps in two ways, not only it helps the student remember better but also a constant habit of writing will improve speed. Writing helps in remembering better as the brain registers everything you read for the second time while you write and the improved speed helps the student to complete the exam on time.
It is very important to analyze the topics to be studied closely so that the student can understand the topic rather than just getting things by heart. Understanding the topic makes it easier for the student to remember everything that comes under it. Even if a student has everything by heart there are still chances he might forget in the middle of the exam this could lead to panic, if the topic is properly understood the student won’t panic even if he forgets something as the answers can be written in own words.
·         READING DAILY.
Well, this is a habit everyone must have, But students must make this a study habit as frequent reading helps in increasing the speed and agility in the reading of a student. In an exam time is the most important aspect a student can’t afford to waste a lot of time, it is here where the reading habit comes into action, a student with a habit of daily reading will be able to go through the questions quickly as he will be able to read fast and this will save time.
·         TAKE NOTES.
The most important and crucial step a student should take after finishing a topic is noting down the Important points of the topic. This helps in better command and understanding of the topic This habit of taking notes can be useful as a student would get all the important points at one place it becomes useful for last moment revision.

     This is the approach that has helped me during my exams and this approach might even help you too.
Is there a special approach that you might be following?
feel free to let me know in the comments section down below.