How to improve your habits and how they help you.

        Every day when you wake up in the morning you know you have a set of work to do, a set of things to complete, a set of goals to accomplish. But by the end of the day, you feel that the time fell short throughout the day as you were not able to complete everything you had planned. Does that happen a lot with you? Do you feel you need more hours in a day?

       But here is what really happens. never there is ever a shortage of time, it's your habits that pull you back. your habit of not being able to keep track of things, your habit of getting distracted from your goals, your habit to find excuses, your habit to procrastinate.
Yes, all of these things are your habits and these things have become our habits because this is how our mind and body are used to do things.

     To understand this well, first of all, you need to know that habit is nothing but a settled or a regular tendency that is hard to give up. The process of habit formation takes place by regularly doing things and your brain registers those things automatically as a routine.

        Now to overcome these bad habits you need to cheat with this process of habit formation.
All you need to do is try to give up these bad habits for just a little while, say for an hour a day,

for instance, try to stay away from all your distractions for at least one hour daily, do this every day and you will notice that your timespan of being away from these distractions is increasing on its own and slowly the brain will automatically register this as a habit and you'll notice that you are away from all your distractions just like that.
 This process of registering and deleting habit is a very powerful human system which can work wonders if used wisely.

The book named "Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg "helped me in getting away from bad habits and adopting new ones, I recommend that all of you should read it, you can get the book right Here.

Habits do help us a lot in our daily life and in achieving what we want, got a word or two about it?
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