Mind has all the power you need.

       Humans, these are the luckiest of beings that have ever existed on earth, you ask why?
Well, the answer is, humans have a power that no other living being has, humans, have a power of choice. Humans are the only beings that can decide what they want to do with their life or how they want to live their life. There is no specific set of directions as to how humans should live their life.

     Who gives humans this power? it's the human mind
The human mind is the thing that makes a human being unique but, this mind can also be the greatest enemy of an individual if not controlled and directed properly.
It's an individual's task to keep its mind under control by using it to the fullest.
As it is said "Control your mind before your mind controls you"
Yes, the human mind has the capacity to control an individual. It can do so by registering a wrong habit, fooling your self into believing that you are doing it right while you are not, Distracting you from your goals.

       To gain proper control of your brain you need to know that your daily routine is nothing but a set of activities registered and scheduled by the brain in a sequence, to test this just for once try not doing things in the regular daily order and you'll start feeling uneasy, this feeling is a signal from brain to individual that something is not right.

It is this routine you need to check for, you need to look out for things that distract you, the things that make you waste your time, the things that keep you from studying.These can be anything like games, television, social media, its due to these things that you need to remove from your daily routine.
This can be achieved by playing around with brain's process of registering habits, i.e. by staying away from these slowly and steadily until being away from these things becomes a habit.

Always remember Brain can be the most powerful weapon if you use it well.

In the blogs to come, I will be writing about how our daily distractions are actually our addictions and how to overcome these addictions

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