Never give up.

        Loss, failure, defeat these are some of the feelings you never want to go through in your life but, at some point or the other all of us cross roads with failure. It is this failure that can act as a stepping stone to success if taken in the right way. It is this loss that can act as a fuel to charge your inner flame that can lead you towards winning.

        All you need to know that the winner is no one but, a loser who just tried one more time.
everyone faces defeat at some point or the other in a life, But only those people emerge as victorious and successful who refuse to give up. never lose hope just keep trying and your time will come someday or the other.

        Every time you have to fall down just remember to get up and keep moving forward. Facing failure for once is not the end, take it positively and it might turn out to be a new beginning towards success.

   Even I had to face failure a lot of time in my life as a student, but every time I had to face defeat The words, It's not about how hard you hit but, how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. echoed in my mind and I tried again always and emerged a winner

The key words are:-

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