Always do what you love.

The life we get is very short, So no one has the time to do stuff that they don't like. As a student, you must make decisions based on what you like because if you do what you do not like as far as studies go you will never succeed, it's easier to study and be a master of something you are interested in rather than learning something you do not like because you won't be able to do something you hate very well.

   Whether it is an optional subject or a course that will decide your future, You'll perform better in something you love you'll also enjoy doing things you love, also it will result in better marks that will help you in a better future.

   And above all else always remember that it is your life, You know yourself better than anyone else, You can make decisions for yourself better than anyone else,
Always remember you have been given Two ears and a sound brain for a reason. Always listen to opinions from people from one ear, make use of your brain and let go of something you feel useless from the other.

   Yes, there are people who care for you and, they will be worried about you and therefore put forth their opinion regarding what you should do, identify these kinds of people and respectfully try to convince them that you are choosing what's best for you and will definitely help you in the future, but remember the key to a happy and successful life is pursuing and doing what you love.

And always keep one thing in mind-.

Life is too short to live on someone else's terms.