Fear, the enemy of Decision making.

     The Human mind is the most beautiful thing in the history of the existence of life on planet earth. It is said the mind has more power even than the nuclear weapon its the human mind that created it after all. This mind has the power to make Decisions, This mind has a sound judgment which can lead you to conclusions that what is wrong and what is right.

   But the human mind has a lot of enemies, and one of them is fear, This fear can totally change what your life could have been. For instance, In your college, You have an optional language that you can select, say, French, now you have to take a decision whether to opt for it or not. Your fear whether you would be able to learn a new language or not refrains you from opting for it. Now think the other way round, Had you opted for it who knows you could have become a French connoisseur in the future.

   You are just one step away from totally different life, and it's your fear that stops you from taking that step.
Always remember Life owes you nothing but an opportunity, and then it is your task to take a step forward and see how does that opportunity turn out for you. You may never know what event of your life is that opportunity, you just have to put the fear out of the gate and just act.

    All the big entrepreneurs, Innovators, Influencers, have done the same thing, they took a step, they made a decision and had their name registered in history. Had Steve Jobs not decided to make computers in his garage this world may not have seen Apple. Had he feared whether he would succeed or not he could not have been immortal in the history of mankind as he is now.

   So the bottom line is that just let the fear out and ACT.

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